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Agile events, continuously

AgileGeplaatst door Mary Beijleveld vr, januari 02, 2015 11:45:35

In this weblog a lot of Agile events - near and far away- in 2015 en further on
If I mist one, please tell me. I'll put it on the list.

Also I will eventually put in the hyperlinks, so you can go to the right page for more information and subscribtion. And delete events of the previous period.
(Last update: Monday December 7, 2015

Ben pointed out to me that there is a digital version on:
You can look at this one too: or And there are many more....


Play 4 Agile

Rückersbach/ Johannesnerg
18th-21st Febr. 2016

Q-Con London
London, UK
7th-11th march 2016

Agile Management Congress
Czech Republic Czech Republic, Olomouc
5th–8th April 2016

ACE! Conference
Krakow, Poland
14th - 15 th April 2016

Agile Coach Camp NL 2016
Netherlands, Vierhouten
15th–17th April 2016

London Lean Kanban Days 2016
Londen, UK
18th - 19th April 2016

Global Scrum Gathering
Orlando, USA
18th - 20st April 2016

Agile Manchester 2016
England England, Manchester
11th–13th May 2016

Agile Coach Camp Czech Republic - #ACCCZ
Czech Republic Czech Republic
27th–29th May 2016

Scrum Day Denmark
Kongens Lyngby, Denmark
31 May 2016

Agile France 2016
France, Paris
16th–17th June 2016

Agile in the City: London 2016
England, London
16th–17th June 2016

Agile on the Beach 2016
England, Falmouth
1st–2nd September 2016

Agile Cambridge 2016
England, Cambridge
28th–30th September 2016

Agile Prague 2016
Czech Republic, Prague
12th–13th September 2016

Agile Business Conference
England, City of London
5th–6th October 2016

Bosnia Agile Day 2016
Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo
15th October 2016

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